Delaware River Sojourn

17th Annual Delaware River Sojourn

June 18- June 25, 2011

The Sojourn is a an eight-day paddling trip on the wild and scenic Delaware River, combining canoeing/kayaking, camping, educational programs, historical interpretation, and more. It is for novice to experienced paddlers, or those who are simply curious about the outdoors. Participants can sign up for the whole event or for the section(s) or day(s) of their choice.

Studies and research have shown that being active outside can help combat certain health problems, as well as teach important lessons of conservation and valuation of our vast natural resources. And, more importantly, you do not need to travel far to be with nature; the Delaware River is close by, a gas tank away from about 23% of the nation’s population!  We hope that many will continue to join us for this fun, ultimate “staycation,” which celebrates family, friends, and the great outdoors! Come out and help us celebrate our “River of Life”!

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Delaware River Sojourn 
Delaware River SojournDelaware River - River of Life