Search Engine Marketing and Website Services

Our TEAM provides a broad array of services and works with a number of partners to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive marketing plan.  Some of the services provided include account setup in search engines Google and Yahoo, campaign management, reports, website consultation and campaign analysis.  However, we will customize a comprehensive website development and marketing plan for your specific goals.  Below is our full list of services.

1.  Sponsored Links Programs in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. This includes monthly management of bids, adding/deleting keywords, building ads, adjusting keyword budgets and reporting of performance. 
2.  Search Engine Optimization services to help sites rank higher within the search engines.  Our techniques are “White Hat” in the industry to create “search engine friendly” sites.

3.  Monthly search engine rankings report to let you know how your site is doing against the keywords or phrases you want your site to rank for in the search engines. 

4.  Competitive analysis of your site vs. others in the same industry or who you feel are your competitors.  We can compare your site rankings to your competitors and let you know how to improve your site.

5.  Website analytics analysis – We review your site analytics to see what problem areas need to be addressed.  We can also tell you what the top pages vs. bottom pages are.   There is a wealth of information we can provide and report on through reviewing a site’s analytics reports.

6.  Tracking and Reporting – We track a variety of “call-to-actions” in the site analytics.  Reporting includes building traffic funnels to see what steps in the conversion process need to be addressed.

7.   Email marketing programs.  We work with Constant Contact email marketing program.  We follow all “CAN SPAM” requirements.  Reporting of click through rates, subscribers and un-subscribers are provided.

8.  Press Release Services – We can distribute your press release through the Associated Press to top US newspapers, reach top publications like USA Today, Get readers to interact with your release by adding a video, Track where your release was sent, the sites that republished it, and reader interaction.

Contact us today to setup an appointment to review your online marketing and website goals at 570-470-8013.

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